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2 years ago

Back in the spring of this year I worked with some good friends on the TEDxUofM team to build an interactive LED Cube installation for the 2012 TEDxUofM Conference.

I’ve since taken portions of the cube on tour with the Zen Tapes crew, and played with it at Total Bummer Festival last weekend.  Facebook event for the entire tour can be found here, and peep below for the remaining dates that we have before getting back to Ann Arbor:

MAY 10 :: Atlanta, GA :: Star Bar (Late Show 11pm-?)
MAY 11 :: Wilmington, NC :: Gravity Records
MAY 12 :: Washington, DC :: House Show
MAY 13 :: Philladeliphia, PA :: PLZ HELP & LET US SLEEPOVER W/ U
MAY 14 :: Brooklyn, NY :: Big Snow Buffalo Lodge
MAY 16 :: Providence, RI :: PLZ HELP & LET US SLEEPOVER W/ U
MAY 17 :: Allston, MA :: Dreamhouse
MAY 18 :: Cambridge, MA :: Lorem Ipsum Books (w/ Mutual Benefit)
MAY 19 :: Oberlin, OH :: Fairchild Chapel

2 years ago

RIP: Altered Zones

Back in the summer of 2010 when we all heard the first breath of what would be Altered Zones, I was quite skeptical of what Pitchfork was setting out to do; worried that Altered Zones would end up being simply an over-hyped regurgitation of the best of the best of the blog-whirled.  However, as the past year and half has gone by we’ve all seen the Blogosphere change quite a bit, and with that, Altered Zones has changed quite a bit, having changed into a much more unique voice.

I’ll be the first to admit that this voice was one that I quickly began to trust and look to for, surprisingly so, music that I hadn’t heard anywhere else.  In fact, some of my favorite albums of the past year are ones that I stumbled upon through Altered Zones’ full-length album streams on SoundCloud…

»The Caretaker: An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

»Trouble Books & Mark McGuire: Trouble Books & Mark McGuire

»Jürgen Müller: Science of the Sea

It seems with this shift in voice came a loss of the original ‘blog-collective’ vision behind Altered Zones, and so we now see the folding of what was, whether we like it or not, a centerpiece, a staple, and a gateway of underground indie music into a bigger sphere.

So farewell to AZ.  It’s wonderful to hear that Ric and Emilie will continue their own endeavors on a new independent site- adhoc.fm.  I can only hope for the best for them and all of the wonderful Altered Zones contributing sites that I’ve grown to love.

Tomorrow brings a new day, a brighter day.

2 years ago

East Coast Tour & CMJ w. Chrome Sparks/PepePiano/Lou Breed/Subvader

10/14 - Ann Arbor, MI @ Arbor Vitae
10/15 - Oberlin, OH @ Rafe’s Place
10/16 - Cleveland, OH @ Castle Greatskull
10/18 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks
10/19 - CMJ/New York, NY @ Tandem Bar
10/20 - CMJ/New York, NY @ Bar Matchless
10/21 - CMJ/ New York, NY @ 13 Thames

fb events all via the link above.

2 years ago

Belfast to Berlin

It’s been about a week since I’ve moved out to Berlin, leaving behind the wondrous island of Ireland.  Several months out at the Sonic Arts Reserach Centre at Queen’s University resulted in two projects that I’m quite proud of.  One of those is ted, the tangible electrophonic drumstick that (pending some minor repairs) should be back and alive again during my upcoming Kohwi shows.  The other project was an interactive sound and light installation, Triangle Waves, which was exhibited at PS2 Gallery/Project Space in downtown belfast during the first week of June.  I’m currently in the process of building a Cargo Collective site which will be a much more appropriate online home for these types of artistic endeavors.

It took several months for me to finally feel settled in Belfast, and it seemed that by the time I had to leave I was just starting to develop some really great friendships.  So is that the way things are.  I know I’ll be keeping in touch with many of these people, and hopefully seeing them again- some even before I head back to the States in the fall.

Now off to Berlin.  Been in the wonderful company of so many friends here, some are buddies from Michigan, others friends of friends, and then of course Henning of No Fear of Pop who’s been wonderfully helpful in helping me get on my feet in this city.

So here I am now.  New flat.  Will be spending the next three months here.  Definitely pretty bare at this point.  It’s a 5th floor 2 bedroom apartment that I’ll be sharing with a German guy who’s just finished his A levels.  Now i’m just on the look out for some wooden planks to build some shelving units out of, similar to my room in Ann Arbor but this place is about 3 times bigger.

Anyway, somewhere in the transition as I move from Belfast to Berlin in this seeming endless european adventure, this happened: a guest mix I did for Diamond A/T/L/A/S entitled Foreign Terrain.  The themes within the mix should be pretty obvious.  I started working on it several weeks ago back in Belfast, and have just finished it over the past few days, so this mix is definitely meant to embody some sense of travelling, or departure between unfamiliar territories.  The picture from the artwork is of two friends taken while exploring the cliff sides on the west coast of Ireland in County Donegal.


(Source: diamondatlas)

3 years ago

AAURAL: music from ann arbor, MI

stoked to be on this compilation of awesome awesome music from my homebase- Ann Arbor, MI. Just moved to berlin for the summer, interning/workin at soundcloud doing the numbers thing. but my ♥ still belongs to AA.


Introducing AAURAL, our first compilation.  Featuring tunes (many unreleased) by some of ann arbor’s bright young musical talents, AAURAL was made to connect these artists and people who listen to them.  Enjoy.

free download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GDFOTL9T

stream/download tracks: AAURAL by GRL MTN

3 years ago

Our Brother the Native have been a force in Michigan music for years. With two albums under their belt already, and a new one well in the works, I feel honored to be able to present their remix for the opening track on Hidden Trees, ‘Reeling The Warmth’.  Free Download available now (via No Fear of Pop), this track will go alongside a handful of other remixes as bonus tracks on the CD version of the album that will come with all vinyl orders (preorders available now via Black Tent Press)

On another note, I just finished probably the best two weeks I’ve had in a long long time touring across europe.  Met so many incredible people, new friends.  Also finally met some folks in person whom previously I knew only through binary interpretations scattered through wifi-air.  So this is a shoutout to all of you- and a special thanks to the crew at Antistars for making it all possible.

ted: a tangible electrophonic drumstick

A little preview of a new gizmo of mine that I’ll be bringing along tour with me.



3 years ago